This poem was sent to me by one of my Visitors......he wrote "I wrote a poem in class about Torinos that you might want to put on the site"



Motorcycling is my dream,
The chrome, it does gleam,
The cylinders are paired,
My mother is scared
With all the many cars behind me
Except the Torino
It is the best
Against the motorcycle
It wins the test
All motorcycles fear
When the Torino is near
Because it has much horsepower.
Matt Powell
Pell City, Alabama
 Matt sent me a second poem......
Horse and Buggy
Sluggish, One-horsepower
Eating, Neighing, Messing,
Henry Ford accelerated America
Gas-guzzling, Roaring, Polluting,
Expeditious, 375-horsepower

Thank you Matt.....