I bought a car June 25, 2000 in Kentucky. It is 1970 Torino Cobra, 429cj 4 speed, buckets, console, new seats, new carpet, new head liner, rechromed bumper, 44,000 miles (so they say), in-dash tach,  Magnum cam 292, roller rockers & forged pistons. Orange (calypso coral or vermillian), weld wheels, not perfect needs some work, but would call it a 4. He had hidden headlights and taillights from a GT installed (as pictured, sorry I already sold them) but had the originals which I have already installed.  


11/24/2002 - To date I have installed Hooker SuperComp headers (6115 - ceramic coated), rebuilt the toploader trans, added Magnum 500 wheels, replaced the shift boot, new dome light lens, new package tray, new dash pad, new rear brakes and cylinders, new NOS valve covers (buffed out), all new tires, new vacuum booster, 2 1/2" aluminum exhaust, added Centerforce clutch, moved the battery to the trunk, painted the engine compartment, new fuel pump and regulator, Grant steering wheel, added a vacuum cannister, Pertronix ignition,  new tail lights.

6/28/2003 - Engine is back from the builder, it is now a 502c.i. stroker, Crane cam split profile duration 290/300, lift 590 intake and 614 exhaust, heads ported, hardened seats, stainless steel valves, Canton 8qt oil pan, should be putting out about 550hp and 575 ft. lbs of torque.

6/14/2004 - Car is back from the body shop, body completely redone, repainted, new floor pans, all rust and damage repaired, painted original color in 2 stage (base coat, clear coat) 6 coats of each.

5/15/06 - Finally after 3 years or so, I installed the hood tach!  Looks pretty cool I think.....


torino1.jpg (21975 bytes)
Previous owner had GT Hide-away headlights installed


torino2.jpg (19128 bytes)
Previous owner also had GT rear tail lights installed

torino3.jpg (22239 bytes)
Looked real good, but I wanted it to look like a Cobra



mycar_front with chris.JPG (43235 bytes)
The real owner of the car, my son

mycar_rear1.jpg (36586 bytes)
Cruise night at Continental Lanes (My first cruise with this car)



my_car_engine1.jpg (27264 bytes)

mycar_front_inlot2.JPG (36199 bytes)



mycar_rear_inlot1.JPG (31104 bytes)




mycar_rear_atmarges.JPG (29722 bytes)



mycar_at_eddies.JPG (35479 bytes)
Eddies Drive In - a local  hangout for the Cruisers on Saturday nights



mycar_in_yard2.JPG (31523 bytes)
Installed air-shocks to raise the rear a couple inches

mycar_in_yard1.JPG (29716 bytes)
Makes it look a little meatier and meaner!

st_malachy6.JPG (39254 bytes)
St. Malachy Show


consumers_tire1.jpg (23686 bytes)
Consumers Tire Show



mycar_interior.JPG (32764 bytes)
mycar_front_inlot1.JPG (31304 bytes)




instorage2.jpg (31967 bytes)
Just settled down for a long winters nap...


my_car_2-11-01_1.jpg (31588 bytes)
my_car_2-11-01_4.jpg (28828 bytes)




my_car_2-11-01_5.jpg (23259 bytes)

my_car_2-11-01_6.jpg (24661 bytes)

interior1.jpg (39991 bytes)
New Grant steering wheel


Front end off, awaiting detaing of the engine and engine compartment

Also installing Hooker headers
6-15-01-mycar1.jpg (31994 bytes)
New front chrome bumper


6-15-01-mycar2.jpg (28999 bytes)
New Magnum 500's
6-15-01-mycar3.jpg (31261 bytes)
6-15-01-mycar4.jpg (25210 bytes)



6-15-01-mycar5.jpg (25793 bytes) 6-15-01-mycar6.jpg (24650 bytes)
6-15-01-mycar7.jpg (24628 bytes)



6-15-01-mycar8.jpg (34700 bytes) 6-15-01-mycar9.jpg (31741 bytes)
6-15-01-mycar10.jpg (32466 bytes)



6-15-01-mycar11.jpg (35573 bytes) summer2001.jpg (33234 bytes)
engine_new.jpg (25401 bytes)



marti-report1.jpg (76391 bytes)



6-9-02-front1.jpg (31566 bytes)
June 9, 2002

Metro Beach, all Makes "Blast from the Past" show

6-9-02-front2.jpg (34462 bytes)



6-9-02-rear1.jpg (36928 bytes) 6-9-02-rear2.jpg (35526 bytes)
6-9-02-side1.jpg (37384 bytes)



6-9-02-side2.jpg (37417 bytes) 6-9-02-side3.jpg (35524 bytes)
engine_oct2002-1.jpg (30795 bytes)
Almost ready to be pulled for the rebuild


engine_oct2002-2.jpg (33421 bytes)
Ready to be pulled for the rebuild
engine_oct2002-3.jpg (33024 bytes)
My friend Harry who is doing the rebuild
engine_oct2002-4.jpg (31624 bytes)


engine_oct2002-5.jpg (30035 bytes)
Off she goes... see you by spring!


car_with_louvers.JPG (22915 bytes)
Finally after 3 years, I have finally got my louvers painted and on! 


car_with_louvers1.JPG (25109 bytes)


car_with_louvers2.JPG (18727 bytes) car_with_louvers3.JPG (24600 bytes)
my_engine_6_14_03_1.JPG (27978 bytes)



my_engine_6_14_03_2.JPG (33128 bytes)


my_engine_6_14_03_3.JPG (33761 bytes)


my_engine_6_14_03_4.JPG (34669 bytes)



my_engine_6_28_03_1.JPG (33896 bytes)


my_engine_6_28_03_2.JPG (33527 bytes)


my_engine_6_28_03_3.JPG (31889 bytes)



my_engine_6_28_03_4.JPG (30666 bytes)
my_engine_6_28_03_5.JPG (30293 bytes)
my_engine_6_28_03_6.JPG (32085 bytes)


my_engine_6_28_03_8.JPG (30458 bytes)
axle_damage1.JPG (20163 bytes)
8-13-2003 - 2 days before the Woodward Cruise I sheared an axle



axle_damage2.JPG (22470 bytes)
Tire launched up into the wheel well making a real mess



axle_damage3.JPG (18387 bytes)
Car hit the ground and slid
axle_damage4.JPG (21501 bytes)
Lucky for me I had traction bars which the car slid on
axle_damage5.JPG (21621 bytes)
Damage from within the trunk



axle_damage6.JPG (14128 bytes)
Buckled the quarter in multiple places
axle_damage7.JPG (21416 bytes)
Sheared axle, damage to the brake shoes, however the inner wheel structure was unscathed.



Quarter off



Floor pans

New floor pans



New quarter on
Smooth as glass



and twice as bright



All done!




Bash at the Beach 2004
Bash at the Beach 2004

Bash at the Beach 2004



John Blair's Mustang - Woodward 2004
Woodward 2004

Woodward 2004



My daughter
Clinton Twp Gratiot Cruise w/Chris Jone's Cobra



Clinton Twp Gratiot Cruise w/Chris Jone's Cobra




Spring 2006


Spring 2006
New Hood Tach

Spring 2006
New Hood Tach


Spring 2006
New Hood Tach