An article from the Modesto Bee about one of our friends, Phillip and Traci Cahill of LaGrange, California

MY FAVORITE CAR: Power In A Nice Package

(Published: Friday, December 22, 2000)

   The car: 1970 Ford Torino GT

   The owners: Phillip and Traci Cahill of La Grange

   Some muscle car aficionados like Ford Mustangs. Others crave Chevrolet Chevelles. Still others favor a Plymouth Road Runner or Oldsmobile 442.

   But Phillip Cahill fancies his Ford Torino GT.

   "It's an executive-type muscle car, a high-end one," said Cahill, a one-time mechanic who lives in La Grange.

   Over the years, he's owned four Torinos.

   Cahill says he likes the lines and shape of the car the best, with its molded rear spoiler, fastback window and hidden headlights. The Torino's laser stripes, offsetting the car's maroon body, were also a factory option.

   "It looks fast just sitting there," Cahill said.

   The car is also powerful. It has a numbers-matching 429 engine with 400 horsepower.

   Cahill, 39, and his wife, Traci, 29, bought the car two years ago after seeing it advertised in Old Car Trader magazine. They met the Torino's Louisiana owner in Arizona and hauled it to its new home on a trailer.

   After only a week back in California, Phillip Cahill was on the road again, getting hard-to-find parts for the Torino in Portland, Ore.

   Since buying the car, he's put in a new windshield, dash, carburetor, ignition system and transmission.

   Traci assists her husband with detailing and spark plug work.

   The Cahills showed the car five times last year, bring home three awards. They hope to show it again and eventually race it.

   The couple plans to hold onto the Torino for at least 16 more years, long enough so Hunter Christian, their soon-to-be-born son, will be able to drive it.

   Traci's young son Travis polishes the wheels and rims of the Torino before each show the family enters. But he doesn't mind not inheriting the Ford, his stepfather said.

   Travis, only 9 years, is already hoping for a Camaro when he grows up.

   "He's a Chevy guy," Cahill said.