I got these pictures from Charles Hodge who recently attended the "rained out" Dwsonville, Georgia Mini Meet. I am sure we will have more pictures since it has been rescheduled for October 12, 2002.  "Mike, got back from the dawsonville mini-meet a couple of hours ago. very few cars showed up because of the weather. it drizzled most of the time. going home was hell. it poured rain the entire 116 miles. the traffic was down to 35 and 40 on the fourlane. the good news is that it was still a great meet. i enjoyed meeting all the ford guys. especially rick and his dad. great guys. other good news is this was my cars first trip out of town since i started working on it. it ran like a top the entire way. even the stretches of 6 inch deep water didn't bother it at all. here are a few pictures. laterness, CH :-)