The following comes from Wayne Curtis in Alaska.  Wayne writes  "Hello I found you thru a post on forums on mid size Fords. I just found a photo of my '71 Torino GT 351C-2V Bright Red with Vermilian interior. Photo was taken at the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals in 1981 in Indpls.I bought this car in 1979 in Muncie Indiana (my home town) I remember it setting in the same place at a house across the street from my high school for at least two years before. I had a wreck in my '73 Torino so I needed a car. The heads and intake were in the trunk and the Crager SS wheels were rusted badly. Seem a boy friend of the owner's daughter thought he could "fix" it. Pistons were a little wet but my dad and I drug it home. My dad was a Ford Service Manager so It was running in a week. It was in need of some TLC and new carpet and Veroom! Sadly I traded it for a Van in 1983. It still looked new inside and out. If you look closely you can see that the area in front of the scoop was painted Black. as was the grill area. I put Styled steel wheels painted to match the red and the GT caps with Kelly F70-14 tires on it.Great site. I now live in Alaska (AK) That Torino is probably still in the Muncie area. I also remembered that I had bought another 71 GT that was yellow with caps and trim rings. I'll find those pics soon. I had switched the black seat from the yellow car to the red and put the Vermillion seat into the Yellow car. It was sold it Muncie also in 82.I also remember a guy named Steve in Indianapolis who had several big block and Cleveland powered 70 gts. Most were rough drivers or became that way after he got them lol.  I am curently restoring a Grabber Green '70 Boss 302 (Site in progress) Your site is great."

Wow, thanks!  Great story and great car!