Thje following comes from Alan Cohnen of Houston Texas.  Alan writes "Hello Mike, congratulations on having undeniably the best Torino site on the net!!! Please find enclosed the first pictures of my new pride and joy. I hope you can use them. my name is Alan Cohnen and my car and I reside in Houston,Texas. She is a '70 ivy green metallic GT sportsroof with a 351 Cleveland, c-4, and 3:25 axle. I bought her from the original owner for 2500.00! She had been sitting in his garage since 1979! He moved to Houston from Colorado in 1973 and had dealer air installed in her. He told me that because of the gas mileage and difficulty to park such a 'big" car downtown, he stopped driving it and bought a Toyota. I had a '71 GT that I had put a 429 into in 1980 after I had graduated from high school, and have been in love ever since! I intend on completely refurbishing the car and updating her with magnums, radials r134a/c, and probably an upgrade to the power department. I going to stay with the Cleveland, c-4. That is all for now, don't want to take up all of your time, ALAN"

Thanks Alan for the compliment and thanks for taking the time to send me your pictures!  She looks great!  I guess one mans loss is another mans gain... YOURS!