"Hi Mike it's Robert J Cuillerier from up north again (lol), Winter is just a few months away, but the Torino passion is still going strong!!! Here are some pictures of my buddy's (Andre Grenier) 1970 Torino "J" code Cobra. He is the original owner of this "legendary street bruiser". Power comes from a 429 SCJ backed up by a top loader 4 spd and 3.91 track lok rearend. Other options are factory tach, bucket seats, rear window louvers and magnum 500's. It just turned 20,000 miles and the only modifications are headers and 1971 style cobra on the grill and tail panel. He also has a glove box full of 13 second passes dating from 1970. Back in the early 70's he tried on slicks and a 457 Detroit locker, hiting the traps in the 12's. PS. A sign of it's race back ground is the tow bar under the front bumper!! Cool car!!! Keep up the great work. Always the best Torino site."