I received the following from Anthony Marbury.  Anthony writes "because instead of painting my cars I'm always working on someone else's so mine I'm not to proud of...but I will send you some pictures any way.. I redo mustangs for people and do quarter panel and floor repair for Torino buddies.. I have a 70 mach1 in shop now and 2 65 must. fastbacks in line.. I do this part time, except when I'm unemployed like now...I do industrial controls and robotics, waiting to get new shop built before I look to hard for work... I'll send pictures of my 2 cobras one I drive and one rust free basket case built in San Hose California I got it out of Texas the blue one I got from Tennessee-Kentucky border both J codes"

Thanks Anthony, I think they're great!  You'll have a couple of sweet cars if you STOP doing everyone elses! LOL