The following comes from my buddy Phil over at Aussie  Phil writes "Hi Mike, I was doing my regular review of your site the other day and realized it had been way too long since I sent you any images of the cars we have been bringing in and as there is a distinct lack of Aussie flavor in the guest section I thought I better fix that! Here are a few samples. If you want more shots of any certain one let me know and I will oblige.



PS Better stop there, don't want to overload your email box!

Anyone can sell you a car - We supply you with YOUR car!

North American Importers of Australian classic and performance vehicles from Ford, Holden (GM), Chrysler, Morris & Leyland

Aussie Car Imports, Inc. Portland Oregon USA - Phone 503-286-6416"

Thanks Phil, you know I always appreciate our cousin cars, the Australian Falcons!  Just one fine looking car!  Thanks as always!