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I received these pictures from Bill Paul of  West Amherst, NY.   He wrote "Mike - thought you might want to add these pictures of my 1971 Torino GT to your web page. Mine has a 351C - 4V, with quench heads, "mild" cam, 3:90 posi, and is an automatic. It has 48,500 original miles on it. The only thing on it that's not Ford or 1971 Torino is the cam and rear end! Note the original 1971 New York state license plates on it. 2 years ago, the engine was pulled and the engine and compartment were detailed back to ORIGINAL condition - down to every nut, bolt, wire, clip, part - everything. I also re-did the nterior at that time. The Torino's high point was receiving the "Best Ford" award 2 years ago at the the annual Buffalo Ford Lords car show - probably 200 cars at the show. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging - just real proud of it. I probably put 300 hours into it that winter. It's affectionately known as "Moby Dick" - as you can guess because it's a big old white machine - like the whale!"       Well Bill I'll tell ya that isn't bragging.  That is one beautiful machine!  You have every right to be proud!