The following comes from a friend of mine, Bob Rowan of Warren, MI.  Bob says "This is my grabber blue 71 Torino GT. It has a 351C,4V,C-6 Trans,3.91 Locker.  I bought this car in 75 from a nearby Ford Dealer.  It had a multitude of dings, no radio and a torn off power steering cylinder. All of these things were easily overlooked because of the awesome color, laser-stripes,shaker and hideaways.  In 92' I reworked the body, did the paint, freshened the engine and had a new trans installed. I also installed the locker at this time.  This past year,I added bucket seats, new carpet, more engine detailing & an in-dash tach.  would like to thank Mike for posting my car on this web site. Thank You!" 

Bob has won many trophies and awards around the Detroit Metro area.  Thanks for the great car Bob!