The following comes from Bob Sopata of Valparaiso, Indiana.  Bob writes "Mike, Great web site! This is my 1968 Torino G.T. Convertible. It's got a 390 with a 4 speed. We just pulled the engine apart for it's 1st. rebuild. My name is Bob Sopata from Valparaiso, Indiana. Marti has checked my numbers; the car is all correct and I have all of it's history. Only 271 were made with this engine/trans combo. I'm trying to find someone who can rebuild my stock shifter. Can you help me out? My other alternative is to graft my Ford handle to a Hurst shifter but I'd rather not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Bob"

Thanks Bob, great car and rare too!  As for the shifter...anybody out there help?  If so email me and I will send it along to Bob.  Again, great car Bob and thanks!!