The following comes from Bobby Ackmakjian.  Bobby writes "Hi Mike,saw you`re post last month on horsepower question.I`m running a 429 thunderjet in my Midstates Cobra ,bored 30over,same comp magnum cam 292h,rocker rollers, ported valves ,intake and exchaust(stainless steel) offenhauser port -o-sonic high-rise intake with a 850 doublepumper.  I know i`m running a strong 475hp,according to builder.Thought you were in a Cobra too.Whats you`re 429 in?I`m bolted up to a close ratio 4 speed toploader,with 350 posi ford 9 inch rear.  Post a picture of you`re ride.  I`ll you one thing Mike, i`ve had ,and driven many fast cars in my life,,,this snake is in another world.  It flat screams.   Bobby A"

Thanks Bobby, now that's a Cobra of a different color!