The following comes from Brad Bushby of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Brad writes "Hello Mike, I just wanted to share a picture of 69 Torino GT convertible so you could add it to your site. This is my second 69 Torino and I just love these cars. This car gets new paint this winter along with a new interior kit. It is sweet now and it's gonna get sweeter.

Thanks, Brad Busby Oklahoma City, OK"

Thanks Brad, looks pretty sweet already!  Send more pictures when you get it done!  Very nice.....


5-4-2003 - "Hey Mike, I sent you a picture last year of my Torino before I restored it so I thought I would give you the updated look (the first picture is on page 10 of guest cars). It has new everything-- paint, engine, interior. I just finished the restoration and took it to my first show today. The trophies you see in the first picture are for winning my class and also winning "Chairman's Choice". Not bad for its debut. I love your website, keep up the great work. I guess I am ready to go find that elusive 1969 Cobra project.

Thanks, Brad Busby"