1972 Gran Torino Sport

"I was crusin the web and ran across your site and thought you might like to see this.

My grandfather just pasted away and he left me his old gran torino. It's been sitting in his garage for the last 10 years. The car is in perfect shape, my gramps bought it for my grandmother back in 72 and she only drove it to work and back (which was 1 mile away from there home.) The car even has the original sticker that I found in the glove compartment that breaks down how much each feature added to the cost. He paid $4300 cash for it brand new. I just through on some new AR troq thrust wheels and some bfg tires. More to come once the bank account fills back up. Next up, new carb, headers and exhast.

Great way to remember gramps.

32,000 miles, 351c.

Brian Lushenko Salem, OR"