The following comes from Bruce Horrocks.  Bruce writes "Hey Mike, Yes, this is a great site. Now my kids comprehend what cars were when I was a kid and they can't wait till we restore (at least get running again ) the first car I ever bought at 16 years old in '72. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the Torino. Keep it up. Hope I did it right to send you my picture of when it was prime.

Bruce Horrocks"

Thanks Bruce, you better believe you did it right.  It's up to us to instill the love of these cars in our kids, and sounds like you are doing a great job of it!  I hope you get the car restored soon, and maybe send some pictures in the mean time (Restoration Alley?)

PS, That blue 67 Impala in the background is exactly like the one I had my first date in (wasn't my car, my girlfriends sister drove us in...1972!).