"Mike, I have been redoing a 1971 Torino formal, 302 2v, automatic formal roof critter. kind of a family car. I saw it at a shop and fell in love with it even though it was about 5 different colors of primer and had a ragged vinyl roof.. it looked pretty solid so I talked the guy into selling it. since then, it has been nothing but fun. lot's of work but fun anyway. got it back from the paint shop 2 weeks go and have been putting it back together in my spare time since then. I painted it competition orange or poppy red depending on whether it was a merc or a ford. I fretted over the color for months, literally. here is a picture of my progress so far. once I get it to a point where it won't be an embarrassment to your web site, i'll sent final pictures. hope you like it so far. 

Charles Hodges Dillsboro, NC 

PS. I was a mainframe programmer/analyst for 35 years, so I feel your pain. i'm now a pathologist assistant at out local hospital. having much more fun now."

Thanks Charles, that is no embarrassment!  That is blood, sweat, and tears, and I look forward to seeing more!  Thanks....