More from Charles Hodges of Dillsboro, North Carolina.  Charles writes "Mike, Finally have my 71 to a point where I can share new pictures of her. I have just finished a front end rebuild and will be moving into the engine compartment soon. It's been a long, frustrating, very fun year but I think she looks pretty good considering the pile of junk I started with. Two local guys, Scott Kennedy and Mike Broom, are responsible for the Paint and getting the body as "straight as a gun barrel" as they call it. I have done all of the rest. Thanks again for the great web site. I would have had much more difficulty with this project if it hadn't been for the inspiration I received by visiting your site everyday. Charles Hodges Dillsboro, NC"

Thanks Charles, I would have great difficulty without the inspiration I get from the many Torino owners around the world who keep me motivated.  The car is looking great, thanks!!

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09-6-2002 - Mike, looks like pictures of torinos from owners have slowed down a bit. i hate that. i really enjoy seeing other peoples cars. thought you might enjoy seeing the work i have done to the rusty mess that was under my hood. put on an edelbrock intake, a holley 600cfm 4 barrel, chrome valve covers, chrome air cleaner and stainless hose sleeves. still waiting for the junk maan to get me a duraspark distributor that i'm going to convert to electronic. i rebuild the front end in july/august. although i don't want a show car, do want it to be presentable. i'm trying to get things together enough to drive it to the mini-meet in dawsonville on the 14th. it's a 2 hour drive. no need to post picture i just wanted to share it with the king. hope all is well with you. take care, CH :-)