"Hi, this is Corey Stephens, I'm 19 and from Miami, OK. This is a 71 Torino Cobra. It has a 351C and has a Hurst 4 speed. It has power disc brakes, no power steering, and no A/C. It has a shaker hood and a tach out on the hood though I don't know if the tach is original or not. It has 69,000 original miles. I didn't send a picture of the interior but I was told that it was all original and it is in really nice condition except for the cracks on the dash pad. The color of the car is grabber blue. I bought it from my shop teacher about two and a half months ago for $5,500 in the condition that it is in now except for I replaced the carb, front and rear brakes, fuel pump, and master cylinder."