I received this email from Dale Solomon.  Dale writes "Hello, My name is Dale and I have a really nice 70 cobra with the 429 scj and all the goodies. I was wondering if you still had the hidden headlights and rear panel that you replaced....?  I would like to send you a photo of my car It is white with blue bench seat, c6 tranny, original 3.91's oil cooler...blah blah blah... I would also like to say to the one guy who has the other cobra, Matt, I believe, YOU CAN DO IT! My best time to date is a 12.80! He has everything I do only he needs to buy some hooker super comps! If possible give him my e-mail address and I will get him in the 12's!  Thanks for your time  Dale Solomon".

Thanks for the great picture Dale! Beautiful car...  To all, I no longer have the headlights, they have been sold.  I will forward your email on to Matt