The following comes from my old friend Dan Griffin of Anaheim , Ca.  Dan writes  "Howdy Mike , Thought I'd drop you a couple pics of my latest project ---- a 72 GTS formal roof . I bought it back in 1994 , from the original owner ( a little old lady from Santa Monica ) , but just got it running a couple months ago . It came from the factory with a 351CJ , toploader 4 spd , and 3.25 Trac Loc . It also doesn't have a paint code on the door tag , which indicates special order paint . According to a VIN report from Marti Autoworks , it's one of 306 with the engine / trans codes , and one of 51 with the paint / trim codes . Although , I don't see how they can figure that out if the car doesn't have a paint code . If you happen to know of anyone that has knowledge of special order cars , could you please forward my e-mail to them ? Thanx ! , Dan Griffin ( Torinobros )

P.S. The car originally came with Magnum 500's , but I added the steelies . I'm goin for the sleeper look"

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