Another from Dave Abdill of Chicago "Hi Mike , Here's my red one in its current state . Itís a J code, drag-pack,3:91 , 4-speed, shaker , louver (added later I think) car . It shows 22000 miles on the dash and title. It was raced and broken (probably many times) and packed away in a nice dry garage for at least 17 years ,who knows how many more. The mileage shows when you work on it, or sit in it, or roll the windows down or up, like a time capsule. Quarters were chopped for giant tires. It does have the original motor and trans ,both stamped with vins."

Thanks Dave, I am getting jealous of all your Torinos!  Another great one...... and a Drag Pack!

11/12/02 - "Hey Mike ,this is my first car, its what started it all for me. Post it if you want. I got it in 1978. Can you tell I bought a photo scanner?"  Dave Abdill

11-18-02 - "Hi Mike , The three are of my yellow convt. in spring-summer 1981. The other one is the same car on7-12 02 at a local car show. Ad them to the other photos of my yellow one if you want, The original pictures I sent you are about 6 or 7 years old . Now you need some photos of my ranchero to complete the collection."

11-23-2002 - Hey Mike I just found these photos of my friends and me chopping up a 70 -N code Torino GT. This was around 1985 . Post somewhere if you want or toss them out . I just thought you might get a kick out of them.  On your guestcars Steve Derkacz's White 70 GT was built 13 cars after my 70 convt. .Itís the closest vin to mine I've come across yet. Pretty cool huh? Dave