The following comes from Dave Munson in Utah.  Dave writes 'Hi mike love the site. As a kid I had two cougars 72, and 73 XR-7. 2 weeks ago I bought my neibors 69 GT Torino. I have found conflicting info on-line about the car, here are my codes 65d f 8a 26b 72 6 5 Some of the info said that she came w/ buckets but has a bench. And I'd like to find out how many 1969 GT formal tops w/ 351w fourspeed T-10's were produced. I know that this may be a tall order but if you could help it would be great I just want to know for sure just what I have. Hope you like the photos she is clean minus a few door dings and w/ 136,000 orignal miles she needs the top end rebuilt that happens next week-end. The interior is 1995 ford material and complete. Also if you know what emblem was on the front quarter panels of her as they are missing Thanx 4 your help.....  Dave in Utah"

Thanks Dave!  I can tell you that there were 5,068 Torino formal roof GT's made in 1969.  However I can't tell you how many with those options.  For that you will need to get a Marti Report from  He is the owner of the Ford database at this point (well worth it!).  By the way.... Great Car!!!!