Here she is before I got her.....

... and after I played a little.

The following comes from Dave Pichlyk of Calgary Alberta, Canada.  Dave writes "Hi mike! First of all, love the site, even before I owned my Torino!  I'm from Calgary Alberta, Canada, and own a 1971 Ford Torino formal roof. I bought it from a fella about two hours south of Calgary, who's aunt owned the car before him. It was in fantastic shape with only 87,487 miles, and was exactly what I was looking for to begin a nice resto-mod project.

Currently, she's equipped with a completely stock 302-2V, Auto, black vinyl bench interior, and has been re-painted in the original Medium Metallic Green, I've since installed a GT vented hood, GT taillights and hide-away grille from a 1970 GT. Also, I restored a set of mid-70's E-T aluminum 14x8 slotted mags and bolted 'em up. Man, they really set the car off!

This car sticks out like a sore thumb and always manages to get a lot of attention.

Please check out some more pics of the restoration at: in the pictures section under CRAZYDAVE's Torino.

Thanks for all the hard work you've put into your outstanding site!

Keep It Up!

Dave N. Pichlyk (aka: CRAZYDAVE)"

Thanks Dave, WOW..what a difference!  She is looking great, and thanks for the compliment!  Tahnsk....