"I wanted to send you a few pictures of my baby...my 1972 351C V8 Gran Torino. my grandfather died last February & left me his pride and joy. this car was kept in the garage from 1974-2004 (he bought it when it was 2 yrs old) & only drove it to dr's appointments & occasionally started it. everything is ORIGINAL...except the dual exhaust and the cragar wheels (just put on last month). the original wheels & wheel covers are in the garage. she has 74,000 miles on her...never been repainted...interior is excellent..took her to a mechanic because the alternator went out & they had a fit trying to see if it had been restored! she is my baby. not a scratch on her...beats everyone at racing..& turns heads to boot. (No one can believe a girl drives this car..hahaha)

Deadra Wright Roswell, NM (only '72 Torino owner in town)"