I received the following from Brandon Coleman.  Brandon writes "Mike,  I am sending this e-mail for my uncle Jim DiCavallucci of Port Orange, Florida. I want to first say this this website is remarkable and we visit it very often.

Car Info:

-1970 GT Convertible

-351C 2V

-Car has 74,000 original miles

-Except for repainting, new top, and wheels, the car is all original

-The car has Power windows and a power bench seat


-Power disk brakes

-Power steering

-Hideaway headlights


-Glass back window

-And it is only 1 of 103 made with its trim package

-It is an original California car


Car Owners:

Jim DiCavallucci and Gerri Correia of Port Orange, Florida"


Thanks Jim and Gerri, and Brandon.  A beautiful car in great shape.  Love the wheels also!!  Thanks.....