The following comes from Ed Gerarden from Henderson, Nevada "Hi mike, I was wondering if you could put this on cars sent by my guests. This is my daily driver, completely restored with factory hi-output late model 1971 429, this car is actually quicker than my cobra-jet. I show it all the time and get good mileage, I might consider selling for the right price but I'm in no rush. This car is upholstered in tweed, is in 1, condition and you know how I love my 72's!   Ed Gerarden"

Thanks Ed, this daily driver sounds like a winner to me!  Thanks....

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3-3-2003 - Attached is my 1972 RANCHERO on Route 66 If I could put it on cars by my guests page. This car has an N-Code 429 with factory 370 horses.  This is my daily driver.