I received more photos from Frank Danza down in North Carolina.  Frank writes "Hey Mike , how's it going? the last of the snow down here is finally melted. total of 10" in eastern North Carolina. this is the first early snow down here since 1964. the kids had a ball in it. Here is additional pics of my car with a grille i found in a junk yard parked up against a pine tree. grille untouched. I cleaned it up and painted it black. this was off a Fairlane, and put it on mine. I think its a good improvement. Hope the family has a safe merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Frank Danza Grifton, NC"

Thanks Frank, I think it looks great.  Something about the Cobra grill, maybe the clean lines or the simpleness of it.  That why I had to take the hide-aways off mine.  Had to have the Cobra grill!  I hope you and yours also have a safe and happy Christmas!  Click here to see Franks car in earlier pictures.