I received the following from Frank of Cologne, Germany.  Frank writes "Hello Mike, I stumbled about your nice Torino site. As I looking for all the pictures I remind of my good old time. I live in Germany by Cologne and I bought in 1988 a 70`Ford Fairlane 500 in a total rusty condition under the lacquer. But this I could see too late. It was an terrible condition. 1989 I saw a `71 Torino in an advertisement for a good price. This car had run 45,000 miles and was without rust. The front bench was broken. The 302 engine runs very well. I found a paper in the car where I can see that the car was formerly sold in USA for $ 800,00. A 1/2 year later I get married, a baby and we build a haus. So I must unfortunately sell my beloved Torino. This I belore very up to today because it was a fine car. I think, if I see a special offer for a Torino or Fairlane I would think to buy this. I send you some pictures of this originally Torino for your side. If you take the pictures and my accounts of your side please rectify my spelling. For questions you can contact me every time.

Best regards, Frank"

Frank, thanks!  What a great story and a great car.  I'm sorry you have to sell your Torino, but hopefully there will be another one for you in the future.  Once a Torino owner, always a Torino owner!