The following comes from Gary and Corrie Baker ( also on guestcars page 7).  Gary writes "Hi Mike, I've got another Torino to ad to your guest cars section. Keep up the great work. I love to check your site everyday!

Owners: Gary and Corrie Baker

1969 Fairlane 500 convertible

Converted over to a clone 69 GT Torino. Factory air installed. 302 4bbl. w/FMX tranny rebuilt with Ford shift kit. 9" inch rearend installed with 3:25 to 1 ratio open gear. 69 351 exhaust manifolds used with dual exhaust h-piped and 2 1/4 inch pipes thru glasspaks make it sound really tough! We started this past winter restoring 2 cars at the same time! Both are now done using our spare time and vacations.

I'll be sending a before and after picture of the 69 convertible and later a couple of pictures of our 68' Fairlane we restored in the same time frame.


Gary Baker"


"Heres one of the before pictures I told you I would send of the car we just restored.


Gary and Corrie Baker   owners:

69 Torino GT fastback (H-code)
69 Fairlane Cobra formal roof (R-code)
69 Torino GT convertible (clone) (F-code)
69 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Spoiler ll (M-code)
68 Fairlane 500 formal roof (F-code)
68 Mercury Montego 4 dr. (F-code)
69 Ford Ranchero GT (R-code)"


"68 Fairlane 500 formal roof

302 2 bbl. mild cam, C-4 w/shift kit, 9" rear with 3:25 ratio and posi. 98 Ford emerald green with 69' Fairlane Cobra nugget gold interior."


"Heres the before we started pic of the 68' Fairlane 500 formal roof. Thanks again for the great site!"



"Heres a shot of most of our Torinos/Cyclones/Fairlanes/Rancheros in the front of our house in Torinoville!"


"1969 Fairlane Cobra formal roof R-code. Soon to be restored.

Gary and Corrie Baker"


Thanks Gary and Corrie, WOW!!!!  Talk about Torinoville.... You definitely are the Mayor!!  Thanks...