The following come from Gary Webb of Omstead.  Gary writes "hi there Mike, this is my 1970 Torino GT convertible just dropping you a line just got the report back from Marties auto . was pretty surprised the car is yellow with a white top has 302 2bbl and three on the tree has a ginger interior and is 1 of a kind according to the production report i`m sending you a picture of the car it only has 35,000 miles on it had it at the i-x center for the new car show and bumped into a friend of your`s Dennis Bregitzer he gave me your website it`s pretty neat so i`ll let you go. i live in north olmsted don`t know where you live but we might cross paths sometime.

Your`s truly, Gary Webb"

Thanks Gary, one of a kind?  Wow, and it looks sweet!  Thanks