"Hi, I love your site. I am from New Zealand and have just purchased a 1970 Torino GT 429 4 speed. I would love to send you some pictures and details so It can go on your site. It has had the matching numbers motor put aside for safe keeping and has a 460 running a 429 crank which I think make it 453 it runs a 1150 holley dominator, D.O.V.E heads, roller cam/lifters/rockers, eagle rods etc. Its over 600 Hp and has been set up for muscle car racing class over here. It has 91000mls and has not been restored but still has very good original paint and interior, it is lowered on 3 piece 17 inch rims running 315/35 ZR 17 AND 285/35 ZR 17 tyres. Its the fastest scariest car I have ever owned. I have all the factory parts to change it back to stock. I would be proud if you would let me show everyone on your site."

Glenn & Kellie
New Zealand