The following comes from Gordon in Cairns in North Queensland Australia.  Gordon writes "Gday to all my American mates, in 1994 i toured all over your wonderful country and loved every minute of it. I live in Cairns in North Queensland Australia. At xmas I traveled 2000 miles to Melbourne and bought a 1969 Ford Torino GT, it is in original condition and very clean inside and out, it has the 302 Windsor and c4 transmission and still left hand drive, we are aloud to drive left hand drives over here if the car is more than 30years old. I do not know of any other of these cars in Australia and was told that there were only 1500 of these cars made, I would like to learn more about this car and hope someone can help me with some information. It is a bloody nice car to drive and i enjoy it alot. I am a member of the Cairns American Car club and we have 80 members and over 100 cars all American except for one Pom Bom lol. We love and look after our American cars, and I was told that some of the best restored American cars are in Australia here. Look forward to any replies or any info on 69 Ford Torino's, cheers Gordon. email  Regards Gordon"

Thanks Gordon, I'm sure there are a lot of people interested in helping out, and what a great car!  Thanks again mate!