The following comes from Jeff Paulsen who sent in pictures of his brother's car.  His brother is Greg Paulsen of South Dakota.  Jeff writes "Cool website. Here is a picture of my brother's 1971 Torino. It is a 2 door hardtop that originally came with a 302 and a 3 speed that he bought with 70,000 miles. Since then nearly everything has been replaced: the suspension has been replaced with that from a GT; the transmission is a 4 speed toploader; the rear end is now a 9" w/ 4.30 gears and detroit locker; and the engine is a 523 ci Ford w/ ported SVO aluminum heads, Crane roller cam, and an Edelbrock single plane hi rise that runs on pump gas; the hood has been replaced with a shaker hood but needs some adaptation to get the scoop on due to the high intake. The car has run a best of 12.80 at 110 mph with the old engine (a 460) but the 1/4 mile performance was limited due to traction. My brother's name is Greg Paulsen from South Dakota."

Thanks Jeff and Greg, very cool car!  Sounds like an awesome power plant!