"Hey mike just wanted to tell ya what a wonderful site you have, VERY helpful info man, I take it you're from Michigan also, I'm here in New Baltimore, I just bought my first Ford, got a 71 Torino 500 car is pretty clean I think I see some bondo in the quarters, but I'm gonna drive it this summer I think then have whole car gone threw, its got the 351c 2v in it, the 2 bbl was flooding out super bad could hardly get it to start, so I went to Ramchargers got a Edelbrock performer carb 600 and intake for it along with some headers, and gonna put Flowmasters on it 3''.seeing you're site and the work you put into it makes me happy to have a Torino, I look forward to talking with ya in the future and posting and helping others on you're site, good to see another Michigan person with same cars when time comes for paint/etc maybe you could give me some advice, I'm 26 and gonna start really getting into the cars, I'm sending ya a few pics of the car also, btw I got the car in Ohio for $2000 bucks, ,,,,,,,,,,,, hope to talk to ya soon, and have a wonderful week and maybe I'll see ya on the road this summer. 

Ian McCall     New Baltimore, MI"

4-18-2004 - "Hey Mike here's a few pics of my 351 2v i been working on for my 71 Torino, reason for email was to ask if you had a car club or do you recommend any and if so who are they, I'm new to this and wanna get involved with it more, i figured you you be the right one to ask, thanks Mike, ur car is coming along very nice, cant wait to see it and meet ya at the beach or sooner, have a great one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ian"