The following come from Jack Kuepper in Wisconsin.  Jack writes "Mike, Jack Kuepper here (ex forum cordinator). Hey I finally got some pics of my car on the computer, also one more for Jim Brigums nice collection( the convert 68 torino) if you wouldnt mind posting them on your excellent web site, i would appreciate it! I have owned this car since 1994 sure didn't look like it does now though. Complete with 468 scj and four speed.  Original drag pac and the rare pastel blue exterior color. I saw no reason a Merc shouldnt have a "Shaker" so i added one. paint done by Jim Brigum( thanks bud) Take care and "good speed"    Jack"

Thanks Jack for the great photos.  Jacks a great guy and one heck of a car guy also!  Beautiful car and you're right.... I see no reason a Merc shouldn't have a shaker!