The following comes from Jack Selig of Scipio, Indiana.  Jack writes "hi mike i found my torino, 351 cleveland 4V with a C6 transmission, in april 2002 i haul steel coils to bardstown kentucky in a semi every day and one day noticed the torino for sale in a community parking lot after a few days and it was still there i stopped and got the phone number from it and called about it the owner was having financial troubles and wanted to sell it for 6800.00 but would take 6000.00 cash the next day i took it home i live in scipio indiana which is a 2 hour drive the car didnt run very well but i got it home at that time the engine only had 2500 miles on rebuild it was rebuilt at the same time the car was restored the person left the outside of the engine original but installed a race cam and all the goodies that go with it the person who bought it from him (the person i purchased it from) decided to put an aluminum edelbrock intake and a 750 double pump holley but couldnt get it to run right i think that might be one of the factors why he sold it but i took it to my mechanic who was in heaven working on it told me the wrong gaskets were installed on the intake and the carburetor was messed up but he got it running A-1 but back to the car the car was purchased in louisville kentucky by donald price feb 4 1970 and he kept all reciepts even oil change reciepts he loved and took care of it and never drove it in the rain or snow and kept it in his garage in 92 he decided to restore it this car has no body putty and from what i understand has had no body work done to it other than being repainted he had the interior completely redone including the dash pad he used as many of the original parts as he could this car looks like new inside and out the body is completely straight the mirror bracket was broke but i found one in denver from a person named allen sanderson who has 2 grabbers and knows a lot about them and has a few parts laying around and has been a big help to me but i am looking for a few options to further enhance this car im hoping by next spring i can start entering it in some car shows whenever i take the car to town i have to leave the windows down so people can see inside without smearing the windows while I'm inside the store also the car has dual flowmaster exhaust with aluminum pipes i have more pictures i will send them with this letter thanks for the interest mike and have a nice day

Sincerely Jack Selig Scipio, Indiana

ps it still has the original spare tire that has never been taken out and the padding on the trunk floor is original. "

Thanks Jack, great story and one great car!!  Looks beautiful!