I recently found this wonderful web site and thought it would be appropriate to send in my picture. I didn't realize the amount of Torino lovers out there.

I received the following from Jamie Spears of Frisco, Texas.  Jamie writes "The picture above  is my 73. My dad bought it new and was handed down to me. After High School, It sat for about 8 years and is now in restoration. It has a 351C/ 6C trans and is exactly as shown in the picture even after setting for so long. I am in the process of Rebuilding the motor because it currently has 189,000 on the original.

I have also bought another 73 that is exactly like this one, except for blue interior (351C). If you know if anyone that needs the blue interior for their Torino, the seats and door panels are flawless. I also have other parts for a 73 if they need any as well. I would give them a great deal on anything I have that they would need.   Enjoy and keep up the good work."

Jamie, thanks for the great picture and story.  That is definitely a great looking 73!  If anyone is interested in the interior, let me know and I will forward on....