Mopre from Jason Jamieson of Clearwater, Florida.  Jason writes "Mike, Jason from Clearwater, FL . I went to a car show today at a local restaurant that has a show every Friday and today was a make up from May 19 . It's their anniversary show and this was number 17. There were a lot of nice cars at the show, about 150 or so. I didn't think the car would be ready because I took the hood off Monday and spent 11 hours sanding the inside of the hood by hand on my lunch break and another 5 getting the outside ready for new black paint. I got PPG single stage and didn't know how well the white would match the existing paint so I didn't paint the outside white only the black. I painted the underside Thursday and the black Friday and put the hood on and adjusted it yesterday. The black was supposed to be a matte finish but ended up being very glossy. I didn't even have time to wet sand or buff the hood. Anyway, back to the show. I won Best of Show in the Ford/Lincoln/Mercury class. It was a total surprise because there were so many beautiful cars there today. I also meant two guys that just bought Torinos, one had a '72 fastback and the other a '71 sportroof with a 428 in it, they weren't actually in the show. I attached some pictures. Sorry I haven't been in the chat on Thursdays lately, been working. Have a good one."

Thanks Jason, that is fantastic!!  The car is looking great and it's great when the Torinos are recognized for the cool cars they are!  Congratulations!!