The following comes from Jason Repinski of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Jason writes "Hi, my name is Jason Repinski, i am from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. i am restoring a 72 Gran Torino Sport Fastback and would like you to take a look at them and possibly put them on your page, I can get more if you would like, engine is a ford 400, c-6 tranny with 2500 stall, shift kit, hooker headers, msd ignition. If you would post them it would be great. thanks, Jason Repinski"

Thanks Jason, it would be a pleasure to post your pictures!  Sounds like a great project going, can't wait to see the end results.....


Update - May 12, 2002 -  "Hey Mike,  Jason Repinski here, the car is finally done, here are some pics, i can only send two at a time so there might be a lot of emails from me.  Hope you like the finished product, and thanks for putting my car on your page.    thanks Jason Repinski"

3-25-2006 - "Hey Mike, I am in your guest cars 8. My name is Jason Repinski. Got some more pics of the car finished and on the road. If you would put them on your site that would be great.


Jason Repinski"