I received these photos from Jeff Seydlitz of Lake in the Hills, Illinois.  He write "My name is Jeff Seydlitz of Lake In The Hills ,Illinois and the Torino will be equipped with the numbers matching, 429 CJ motor and minor upgrades in the engine trying to stay near stock. I recieved the car as payment for painting a car for a friend and the Torino is from my area since it was first purchased but has been siting in a barn since 1984. Lots of mice nests had to be cleaned out!!  Most everything on the car is still salvagable with the exception of carpet, the dr. side quarter which will be replaced this spring, and the front bench seat. Surprisingly both hood locks are original and the whole shaker set up is there complete. The only difference from stock will really be the color because I've had too many red cars and I dont want another. Thankfully Im a painter and all paint supplies are being supplied to me from our paint supplier at no cost to me!

p. s. I still have that full GT taillamp assy. if anyone is interested or will trade for minor parts I need!  Any other questions please e- mail and thank you for having such a devoted web site to keep me sane!  Thanks Jeff for the photos and good luck in your restoration!