"Hey mike great site! This is Jeremy from Belton, MO, Just thought I would send you pics of my Torino GT. My dad and I bought this car about 4 years ago from a guy who had about 100 fords in his field. It was pretty bad shape when we bought it, when we started doing body work we found out that it has been wrecked many times. Looking underneath we found that in some part of it's life it has been jumped. It has a 351C with a C4(floor shift) trans, bucket seats and aftermarket wheels. We plan to get the interior finished and sand the body and buff it out. We take it to a local car show once a month,there's only a handfull of torino's around here. The reason behind the flat hood is because that's the only kind we could find to replace the bent GT hood we used to have. Also we will get the shaker on, and the rear window louver. Over all it's been fun to restore this car and a pain to find the parts.


Jeremy from Belton, Missouri"