The following comes from Jim Carroll of Clinton Twp, MI.  Jim writes "Hey Mike, Jim Carroll here. In case you still don't recognize the name, I'm that guy that came to your house that day with the two small kids (who got finger prints all over your car). I've spoke to you several times since, including at the mini-meet last weekend, but I'm sure you talked to a lot of people, so I just thought I'd clarify to help put a face with the name.

My car is almost ready to roll now, so you should be seeing me at Continental Lanes and Wild Woody's very soon. I'm still working out a few last minute details, but in the mean time I thought I'd send you a few recent photos, mainly to show you I really do have a Torino, and it's not just in my imagination (actually it's in my imagination too, but with far fewer dents and scratches - Ha).

See ya around. Jim"

Thanks Jim (who?)... just kidding, I mean are you making fun of my memory? So you really do have a car (or did you just swipe the pictures)!  All kidding aside, the car looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it in person for real!  (it is real..., right?)  Just kidding....  See you around town Jim!

1-1-2003 - "Hey Mike, Here's some more recent pictures of my car (now that it actually runs). When you have time please update the ones on your site.

Take care and I'll see you this summer.

Jim Carroll"