"Hi Mike! Iíve been coming to your site for a few years now and really like it a lot. The classified section has even helped me find some desirable parts. I thought I would finally send you a picture of my babies. The Pewter car is a 71 G.T. With a Cleveland and a C6 on the column. It also has factory a.c. And a shaker hood. The black car is a 70 Cobra, original 429 4spd. It now has a 460/C6 and has run a best e.t. Of 11.04@123mph. But I have plans to swap in a wicked 514 this spring in a quest for mid to low 10ís. Thanks for the great site and for giving us Torino lovers a place to stick together! My name is John Duquette and I live in Ishpeming MI. Located in the U.P. My e-mail address is Draginwgn@aol.com If you ever have any questions you think I may be able to answer. I am also a certified Ford tech at our local dealer. Thanks again!

John Duquette, Ishpeming, MI"