"Hi Mike, Great site!!!!   I had a hard time deciding which wheels to go with for my Torino also. Don't want to make your decision any more difficult--but American Racing Torq Thrust-D's really look good on a Torino Cobra. I've attached a picture of my car with those wheels. I get a lot of comments on how good the wheels look on my car.

I prefer wheel of the period with tires a little bigger in back--you can't go wrong with Magnums they look great--but I cast my vote for the Cragers--they were the cool "mags" to have back then.

My car is a 70' Cobra. It has a CJ with 4-speed and manual steering--making it a real "muscle car." Torino's Forever!!!

John Freehold New Jersey"

Thanks John, just what I need somebody making my life more difficult!  Seriously they definitely look good on your car, however hub caps would look good on that car!  Nice car......