The following comes from John Ruhl of Cumming, Georgia.  John writes "Mike, I bought my 70 Torino Cobra 3 years ago out of Arizona. The car is rust free and appears to have most of the mileage put on a 1/4 mile at time by the first owner. I am the third owner of this 70 429SCJ, Drag Pac - 4:30 Detroit Locker, buckets with C-6 on the column, power steering, tach, louvers and AM radio. Kevin Marti's reports shows it is 1 of 207 made with this combination engine and transmission. After 18 months the engine compartment has been put back to almost 100% stock, including the smog system, oiler cooler NOS, and all new gauges, wiring harness, etc.

I live just outside of Atlanta, GA, and would like to hear from anyone in the area with other Torino's. My next undertaking is to have the car repainted and replace or repair the interior this upcoming winter. It is great having a car that is rare and unique. I will pass along updates as they occur.


John Ruhl,  Cumming GA"

Thanks John, what a beautiful car!  You have done a fantastic job on it!  As for other Torino owners, they had a Mini-Meet last year at ThunderRoad in Georgia.  Check out the "Fairlaner" for this years!  Thanks....