The following comes from John Snell of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  John writes "This 1975 Gran Torino was grandfather owned from about 1977-1996. Then, with about 42,000 miles on the ticker, the grandpa's grandson got it for his high school years in 1996. The father and son made it look less grandpa-esque...replaced the front fenders (grandpa used to use the fenders like curb feelers to find the garage opening), removed the vinyl top, and put on the Starsky and Hutch paint job. They put some leaf springs from a station wagon in the rear to give it a 2" lift, and put on a custom dual exhaust so it sounded as bad as it looked.

Alas, the son went to college and needed $$ for tuition, so I came along and snatched it up for a song (winter in Minnesota can be a tough time to sell a classic) . The car only has 62,000 miles on it. The first day I had it, I put the mags back on it (boy, it had some ungangly black stockers with no hub caps on it when I picked it up). Also that day I ordered some interior parts. I had the front bench seat reapholstered in the original gold material, and while the seat was out at the shop, I installed some nutmeg carpet specialy cut and molded to match the car exactly . I still haven't been able to drive the car much because it seems to have a real leaky water pump, but I can't wait to drive it as my every day transportation. I need to sell my current daily driver first (a 1975 Mercury Comet with only 49,000 on it!). Some of my cars for sale and current show pieces are on display at Enjoy the RIDE~!

Thanks Mike. You do a great JOB!

John Snell"

Thanks John, looks great, and a great story!  Thanks....