I received this email from John Tomassen of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  John writes "Mike, greetzz from Amsterdam The Netherlands. This is my Torino GT it's not quick at 1/4 mile but runs a 160 miles/hour!  429 with 360 HP on rear tires! Love this speed!"

John you gotta love it.  Great car, proving once again that it will be the Torino that brings our world together in peace and harmony....(whew that was a flashback).......

3-28-2003 - "Hi Mike, How are you ?? The pictures you send me a while ago helped me a lot to figure out which hole in the engine compartment had to stay. the previous owner really ruined the engine compartment. The paint job is done and i couldn't wait to send you the pictures, i don't have a digital camera right now so i'm depending on other peoples scanners and stuff.

The color of the engine department is some kind of black, it's also used in the modern Ferraries. This paint can handle high temperature. Because it is some kind of "light" black you will see the detailing better when the engine is in.

The sanding and to well the holes took me about 3 months, now allmost everything looks like the outside of the car when it's ready :-)  I thought to make the compartment a little bit different, the batterie(s) and watertank and other stuff all goes into the trunk. Only the engine and some wiring will be in the compartment.

I keep you informed (from the other side of the world),


John Tomassen, Amsterdam The Netherlands"