The following comes from Jon Seidl of Phoenix, Arizona.  Jon writes "HI Mike,   I been watching your web page for some time now . Great site , I go to it  ever day I'm at work . I figure if you liked my car you can use it . My  name is Jon Seidl , I live in Phx Az . This is a pic of my 70 Torino GT  convertible . It is a 351 4v , 4 speed , buckets seat council car . I put  rear disk breaks on it and lower the back down 2 inches . The car has  ac, ps and posi 3.25:1. The rear tires are 255.60.15's.The car just loves  to run down the freeway . Still needs work but its getting there . I hope  you will use it for your web page ... Thanks ... Jon"

Thanks Jon...... of course I like it!  It's a Torino and it looks great!



"This is Jon Seidl in Phx , Az again .I'm sending you some pics of my 70  cyclone spoiler I'm working on , this is the way it looked when I pick it  up . Its hard to find any nice cyclone , they all have been ran hard . Its  a factory 429 CJ 4 speed car . The car is equipped with ps, pdb, non  ac, buckets, 3:50.1 and also has California emissions on the car . The car  is grabber / competition green with black interior . The cars in the  background is my 70 GT convertible and my 71 Cobra 351 4v c6 car . I hope   you don't mind cars that are in progress . As you can tell I have a few   cars .... Thanks again .... Jon"

Don't mind at all Jon...... gotta love it!