"Hi Mike, These are some pictures of my newest, old car. I purchased It from the original owner. It is a 1970 Ford Torino Cobra ( C-Code ) with the 429 SCJ motor. It was ordered with the Factory Drag Pack Option. The Cobra is in complete original condition, including paint, interior, drive train, and even tires. I also have all original paper work on the car including the dealer invoice, loan application, and receipts for repairs that even document the mileage, that is still under 20,000 miles. All that and knowing this car since I was In High School. The Cobra is going to need a lot of work ( from sitting ) to be road ready again but I am sure that the fine Ford people that follow your great web site will be very helpful in wisdom and maybe even some hands on help to get this Cobra on the road again. Thanks Mike!!

Kevin Hardy South Lyon, Mich."